Freelance jobs : I'd like to share you job opportunity

Freelance jobs : I'd like to share you job opportunity (opportunities actually) that you can do in your own place, at your own time, at your own price.
If you got the skills (I.T. and other related skills like word processing, etc) then you are very much qualified here. You do not need to polish a resume, what you need are these:
- Skill (as mentioned above)
- Time (2 to 3 hours, depends on your speed and depends on the project that you want to execute)
- Good English Communication Skill (we don't need ‘call center accent’ here, as long as you can write with complete idea and correct spelling of course then you are qualified!)

If you posses that minimum requirement and you want to make at least $30 a day or its peso equivalent then continue reading, if it don't interest you, you may now jump to other threads.
GAF short for has come up with marketplace where service providers (the freelancers) and service buyers (the project providers) meet.
In this website, there are hundreds of projects. You can bid on a project that you want to execute.
It is always in a form of bidding. Bidding, in selling an item, the buyer with the highest bid get the item however, here the freelancer with the lowest bid get the project or is chosen by the project provider to do the project for him BUT THAT IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. Project providers do want assurance that the project is done on time and done with quality. They will give the project to the freelancer who got these.

FEES:Freelancers (or you), as a free member, pays $5 or 10% of the project total (whichever is higher) to GAF. Meaning every time you got a project, $5 or 10% of what you make goes to GAF.
If you opted to become gold member, you pay $10 (flat rate) every month. No need to cash out if you have enough balance in your account as GAF will deduct the amount from it. If you have $0 balance then your account goes back to 'free member' status.
$30 would be the minimum that you can make for the smallest project.

It is an agreement between you and the owner of the project you are executing. But most likely, both of you will use ESCROW service of the website (which I'm using also for 4 projects that I've executed since I started). The payment for the project is deposited to your account (website account) using the escrow service. You can withdraw anytime using options available:
- PayPal
- Wired Transfer
- Check
- Western Union
- E-Gold
- Moneybookers
What is escrow?Temporary deposit with a third party of assets by agreement between two parties to a contract. The money is released when the conditions of the contract have been met.
For interested, please check the . Check the FAQ section if you have questions, OR if you don't have time to read the FAQ section then post your Qs here and I'll give you the As.
It won't make you rich but it will augment the amount you make. I am a member of GAF since last month (January 2006) and so far, I'm doing well.