How to win your freelance projects

How to win your freelance projects

1. You should present your abilities very well, expose your supremacy in other aspects of cooperation with potential client. Not all the clients are making their selection looking on the price factor only. There are many who are willing to pay more, if they get the professional results in return.

2. What can you use to win? These are the key factors:
-quality of the work
-doing the work on time
Freelancers from developing countries make the common mistake of relaying on the financial aspect of their offer exclusively. This is a very common mistake. Sometimes the quality offered is on the low level, also the timing fails – and for many webmasters working on the “web market” it is time that matters most.

But the real problem can be the communication – poor knowledge of English language, ignoring the grammar or even too informal attitude can make potential client decide to discard your offer. Sometimes the misunderstanding can go further and the project description may be understood improperly, which results (if a client is a very strict one) in a negative rating given to a provider.

All these mistakes made by other freelancers you have to use for your advantage – then, even despite the significant difference in price, you have a good chance of winning the auction, leaving the competitors behind.

The strongest weapon in a fight for a client can be the DEMO.

Common freelance payment options

Money transfer and withdrawal
If you are a freelancer, you can get your money from freelance job sites by PayPal, cheque , wire transfer (the fee for it can be quite high), sometimes Western Union (their fees are very high), Moneybookers or e-gold.

Freelance job list

You can be a freelance worker in almoust any area, but this is a list of the most popular freelance jobs. You just have to decide in which you are best.
Freelance writer, freelance web designer, freelance web master, programmer, freelance illustrator or graphic designer, photographer, translator, freelance copywriter, data entry freelancer, journalist and one more, but very interesting freelance writer for greeting card company :)