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Statistics since February 2004
* Number of posted projects: 74,481
* Number of verified users: 159,686
* Money spent by our users: $3,279,420
"It's free to join! We only charge a small
commission on closed regular projects. 10% or $5(whichever is
greater). The Service Provider don't have to pay commissions on
featured projects. Gold Members don't pay any commissions on any
projects. There is a $10 montly fee for Gold Members."
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How can I modify a bid which I've already submitted?
"Login to GAF. Find the project(public project page) you wish to
change your bid on, click Place Bid button again and make your
Creating a new project is completely free. You only pay a small
commission if your project is successful.

" This is Europe's answer to the U.S.-based
freelance sites--the firm is based in Sweden and has a subscriber base
of 65,000 freelancers around the world."
"How it works: On this marketplace, the buyers get to decide whether
to allow closed or open auction bidding. The site has a very basic
interface but makes up for that by having an excellent e-mail alert
system that feeds relevant project leads to service providers. There's
also a capability for basic formatting of bid proposals and an escrow
service to help protect your funds."

How to earn money using IT Skills

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Freelance log

You can put in bids at different freelance sites. They have categories for web design stuff, writing, data entry... It takes a little while to get going, but the more bids you make the more you get the hang of it. I've been at it consistently for about the past month (I bit on something each day) and have landed three jobs in the last month.

GAF freelance job popularity report

According to statistical analysis of the 27750 freelance projects on site most wanted types of job are PHP (40% of all projects), Web Design (31%), Graphic Design (16%) and Flash (14%).