What are the benefits of freelancing and why you should become a freelancer?

One of the main attractions of becoming self-employed freelancer is no longer having to work for somebody else.
In some recent surveys conducted, freelance/ self employed people have more job satisfaction; they can choose where, when and how they work. More and more programmers are abandoning the safety of companies careers to become freelancers. The reasons can be really different: a need to pursue their vision, a desire for increase independence, the lack of a better future in a large firm.
You can get benefits as freelance seller or as freelance buyer.
The Sellers are the people who offer the services that buyers demand. The sellers range from content writers to designers to programmers.
The Buyers are the people who want any particular work to be done by somebody else. For example, if sombody wants to have a web site for her company. The buyer will specify how much she is willing to pay for the work and how much time is there for completion of the project.
The main benefits for freelance sellers are:
- Reduced travel time and costs . This is the most obvious benefit and, for many freelancers, a primary motivation. Most freelancers have used at least part of this time to get more work done, in contrast to the "relaxed lifestyle" image painted by the media.
- Improved work opportunities. Work opportunities are not confined to jobs within reasonable commuting distance.
- Better balance of work and family life
- A flexible approach to working hours
The main benefits for freelance buyers are cost savings, increased productivity, improved motivation, skills retention, organisation flexibility, flexible staffing,