What is a Freelancer? And what exactly is the definition of freelance?

A freelancer is a person who is self employed. Freelance work is used in many different professions, but most commonly a freelancer works in the fields of writing and editing, photography, web design, graphic arts, or computer programming. In any given profession, freelancers sell or contract their work to a client rather than being employed by a business.
What exactly is the definition of freelance? To my understanding, it's usually when you have worked long enough in a certain profession, established yourself, known for your works and talents, and having your services in high demand for people in need of your talents. For example, a person might be working as a photographer in a newspaper or magazine for years. And then, he is renowned for his impressive portfolio. So, he quits the company, and decides to be a self-employed photographer. And people seek him for contracts, and not the other way round. Now that, my friends, is the true freelancer.